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by Montage

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releases October 31, 2017




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Montage Miami, Florida

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Track Name: No Comment

I'm dancing by myself in the darkness.
I don't care that I'm alone right now.
So many possibilities, I don't think any are real.
This is how I feel, no I don't know how I feel or care
hanging out in the secret club yeah the dragon's lair.
I'll never see. I feel like an animal but like a cloud and a clown, parading myself around
What can I say?
Our lives are slowly slipping away.
I feel like I'm living on the edge of a knife and there's no resolutions, not tomorrow and not today.
In my sight
Let that empower you
Let the fear start
Slipping away

Slipping away
Track Name: Lemon Tree Lane
Drowned in breath blessed while hexed
sometimes enough never in success,
only a little bit.
False and too much,
outside and out of luck.
Make a buck
Don't forget not to suck nor give a fuck,
my old ribazuba .
Lemon Tree Lane is not the same
while down the road and up the plain,
time is not to blame.
Have you been played?
Could you make lemonade?
Did the subjects in the painting jump from the picture frame?
Focus, oh take me apart.
I am not the same.
Now let's make lemonade.
Track Name: Remember